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Posted by: Jojelyn F. Pedro "Decorative Diamond Bracelet"

Decorative Diamond Bracelet  This is very attractive gold Decorative Diamond Bracelets with two flower diamond cluster position on a curve diamond-studded what are you waiting for? just visit in our blogger site.And you want more information about our products? visit nah!!!!!!



Posted by: Fairylyn Baladhay "Diamond Bracelet"

A blue diamond bracelet is exquisitely unique. The blue diamond is much rarer than its clear cousins and therefore much more unusual to see gracing someone’s wrist. They are absolutely stunning.
Jewelry can be a great investment that you get to see and show off. In most cases the more unusual a piece is the longer it will hold its value and the better the chance is that the piece will increase in value.

Posted by: Julie Ann Tajanlangit "Hot Diamonds Midnight Silver Bracelet"

Hot Diamonds Midnight Silver Bracelet
Midnight Silver Bracelet – A perfect gift to give to your love ones on special occasions. Midnight Silver Bracelet is made of Black Onyx with heavy links of sterling silver and facet cut diamonds. It is Rhodium plated thus much better than any other silver jewelries since it won’t tarnish at all.\

Posted by: Flora Mae Casilagan "Green pearl necklace"

Green pearl necklaces
This is two necklaces. The top one has green olive pearls centered with light green pearls, crystal, and a hand-made glass bead. The bottom one has light green and olive pearls, crystal and beautiful hand-made glass beads, sterling chain and a green CZ drop. if you want to know more details about this necklace just visit in cutie angel'z jewelries at Binalbagan Negros Occidental.

Posted by: Grace Ann Magbanua "DKNY Watch"

DKNY watches are not only a popular fashion accessory but these can also be used to express your personality in a very chic manner.  These watches are stylish, these watches are attractive and above of all, these provide with a chance to stand out different from the rest of others.  DKNY watches come in a variety of shapes and colors that are appealing to women.

Posted by: Mitchelle Taladua "Diamond rings"

Diamond ring comes in a variety of styles and colors. We carry genuine diamond stones and other genuine natural stones. Very low price compared to major retail stores. 

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Posted by: Mary Grace Leonar "Diamond Watches"

This Diamond watches is one of luxury watches. These watches is also provide a unique style with a touch of elegance and class for those who wear them. Because made of precious materials that have a natural color, which made extraordinary choices to be made jewelry., luxury watches are usually made from precious materials like gold, silver, or diamonds.